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Предвзятые люди считают всех мусульман террористами. Но это, конечно же, не так!
На каждого террориста, посвятившего жизнь джихаду, приходится по крайне мере десяток совершенно мирных мусульман, чья жизнь регламентирована предписаниями ислама, не относящимися к отрезанию голов неверных и уничтожению памятников древней культуры.

Нам всем следут уделять больше внимания молчаливому большинству мусульманского мира. Взять хотя бы мусульман Арабских Эмиратов - они почти совсем уже как вы, не так ли? Часто даже ещё более "продвинутые" в области консьюмеризма, чем вы.

Этому и посвящёна сегодняшняя подборка материалов из

While in our taxi to the hotel, you’ll notice a ferocious beast to our left. You know he’s wild because he’s both texting while driving and holding onto his pet cheetah. Perhaps he uses the cheetah while driving the same way Americans use their middle finger while driving.

We’ve found the Craigslist of Dubai, it appears. If you’re in the market of buying a bride for yourself, step right up. If you have a brother, even better. We’ll send the both of you in the direction of these twins.

These golden cell phones are worth more than a car. I hope this doesn't stop you from buying one for yourself.

Oh look, here we see a few locals on their morning commute. Just kidding, we have no idea how the locals get to work. Actually they don't. All work here is done by the infidels.

Ahhhh!... Those Arab double-egoes!...

For the rest of you schmucks here's your average parking lot.

But of course first you've got to get to that parking lot...

Yeah... there still exist some culture clashes, even in the modernized Dubai.

I'm certain you would love to have your daughter married to one of these successful Arab men, wouldn't you!

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