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This marks the end of my post-travel suffering: finally I'm done with editing videos from the trip, now it's time to drink wine and take life easy!...

This is a full list of my videos from the trip. I have also included the "Plitvice Lakes" video here, in spite of the fact that it's been already referenced in one of my posts - just for the sake of completeness. All of them are better watched in HD resolution.

Please, keep in mind that some of the videos are blocked in Germany - because that country has some ridiculous copyright laws, which don't allow third party contents as a soundtrack for a non-commercial private videos... My apologies to my friends living in Germany.

Montenegro: Kotor, Perast and Perast Islands

Croatia: Dubrovnik, Cavtat, Konvale, Elaphites islands

Croatia: Split and Trogir

Croatia: Plitvice Lakes

Slovenia: Lake Bled

Slovenia: Ljubljana

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    Июнь, Вернацца. Бархатная ночь Простёрла крылья над уютной бухтой, И диск луны, как лимончелло, мутной, Торопит облака убраться прочь. Стихает…

  • Я БЫЛ

    Зачем люди фотографируют сами себя? Для чего художник пишет автопортрет? Что мы ожидаем увидеть, взглянув на себя со стороны? Что хотели бы спрятать…


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