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          to my son Vadim

The product
of the other place and time
the belle epoque
of the empire of evil
transplanted to the land
of brave and free
strong arrogant
and very often silly
I stand to say
by god this life is long.

I am a gentle man
who spends his golden years
in rural lair
waiting for the last
and final trumpet
who's cashing out
quiet lust for life
with bottle of wine
avoiding evening news.

My resting den
is simple and obsolete
no fancy games
or noisy public parties
here's no pretense
one line
a single stroke
and I'll be gone
unnoticed by your world.

The mold they used
for making people like that
has cracked long time ago
not in service
new age assault
was furious and fast
now we are widely known
as relics of the past
often referred to
as dead white men.

Our dead white music
was composed once
for harpsichord
by folks in curly wigs
powdered with white flour
and paper books
with funny smell of dust
were written by some no-good romantics
to spread their understanding
of what was good or god.

Well now you're asking me
about jewish roots
ibn ezra's kneidlach soup
shabbat shofar mishpucha
the times when ancient jews
were fighting ancient greeks
about brit milah
about building sukkah...
I wisper in reply as gently as i can
I am a jewish guy yet I’m a gentle man.
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