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California Class III, IV Whitewater Rafting
Middle Fork American Mile by Mile

Mile 0.0   Oxbow Put-In
Mile 0.1   Panic Alley or Alarm Clock (Class III)
Mile 0.2   North Fork of Middle Fork Canyon
Mile 0.3   Little Fin Back (Class II)
Mile 0.5   Carls Crash or Guide Slammer (Class III)
Mile 0.7   Organized Chaos or Santa's Mustache Class III
Mile 1.1   Jake the Ripper (Class II)
Mile 1.4   Last Chance (Class IV)
Mile 1.5   Tunnel Chute (Class V)
Mile 2.0   Soul Train (Class II)
Mile 2.2   Old Gold Tunnel
Mile 2.3   Cathedral Class III
Mile 3.0   Lettuce Hole or First Flip or Orange Wall (Class IV)
Mile 3.1   Shiny Green Serpentine
Mile 3.5   Thread the Needle (Class III)
Mile 3.8   Three Queen's (Class III)
Mile 4.1   Kanaka Falls (Class IV)
Mile 5.9   Dardanelles Creek (side hike)
Mile 8.1   Doodlebug Dredge (historic landmark)
Mile 10.2   Otter Creek
Mile 13.1   Canyon Creek (side hike)
Mile 13.2   Chunder (Class IV)
Mile 13.3   Ruck-A-Chucky Falls (Class VI - portage)
Mile 13.4   Cleavage (Class IV)
Mile 13.7   Parallel Parking (Class IV)
Mile 14.1   Driver's Ed.
Mile 14.4   Catapult or Final Exam (Class IV)
Mile 14.6   Shireen's Dream or Pop Quiz (Class III)
Mile 14.9   Old Greenwood Bridge
Mile 15.1   Oregon Bar Take-Out

Dramatic 2010 recording:

Tags: video, Америка, природа

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