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Привет всем сюсюкающим нежно o любимых!
Сумма сюсюканий в этот день выражается только у нас в стране цифрой 17 миллиардов долларов.
Внесу и я посильную лепту.

Здесь музычка из Bob & Tom Show, а под низом – слова:
She's a woman... she's a woman... yeah... she's a woman...

I am woman, hear me roar, if you don't open my door
I can do anything that a man can do, but I don't have to
Oh the female sex has a lot more class
Unless we're lookin' at a male stripper's ass
I'm a twenty-first century gal, but I can't set my VCR

Well I am not your hooker, but you're still gonna pay me
'Cause sex is a special thing and a darn good weapon
Because my body belongs to me
Until I get dinner, and a movie
I don't sleep around, until I do a credit check

And I have a mind of my own, which I change every two seconds
And I'm not afraid to ask for directions, cause I can't fold a map
And I stand behind my man
So I can nag him as much as I can
And I can fight in combat but I can't kill a spider

And I never tell a lie, but I will fake an orgasm
Cause I am a real McCoy, except for my boobs and my face
And I don't take drugs and I don't drink my food
But I still get hot and sweaty when I'm buying shoes
And I'm very proud of my age, which is none of your freakin' business


UPDATE по просьбе честной публики - Bob and Tom THE MAN SONG

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Man Song!

He's the man, He's the man

I don't take no crap from anyone else but you,
I wear the pants around here when I'm finished with your laundry,
Cause I'm a guy you don't wanna fight,
When I say jump you say, "Yeah Right!"
I'm the man of this house until you get home

He's the man, He's the man

What I say goes around here right out the window,
And I don't want to hear a lot of whining so I'll shut up,
The sooner you learn who's boss around here
The sooner you can give me my orders dear,
Cause I'm a head huncho around here, but its all in my heeeeaaaadddd!!

He's the man, He's the man

And I can have sex any time that you want,
Cause I'm a man who has needs, but they're not that important,
And don't expect any flowers from me, cause if I'm not mistaken you prefer jewelry,
I'm the king of my castle, when you're not around,

He's the man, He's the man

And I'll drink and watch sports whenever I want to get in trouble,
And I'll come home when I'm good and ready, to sleep on the couch,
Cause a MAN's gotta do what a MAN's gotta do,
and I'm gonna do what you tell me to,
Because I'm top dog 'round here, but I've been neutered!!

He's the man, He's the man

You da man!

И наконец - Bob and Tom REVENGE SONG:

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