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Музыкальный подарок тем из моих друзей, кто одержим современным французским шансоном, кто понимает по-английски и при этом не обделён чувством юмора!

Вот запись слов, сделанная мной приблизительно, на слух с этого видео:

Ah, once in France
There were many great composers
That you know,
And you would dance
To the tunes
Of Massenet, Bizet and Gounod.
All through the years
The songs you'd hear,
They were romance -
Then think again -
But listen to the songs of France today...

I don't know who
There is to blame,
But now the songs
All sound the same.
And if you put
One in a quiz,
No one could tell
Which one it is.
They always use
The same old chords
(No wonder singers
Look so bored).
Whatever happen to the world
Of French chanson?

And who can claim
That they hadn't felt in their hearts:
"It is my way!"
With the names like those of Piaf,
Chevalier, even Johny Holliday?
The special song,
Accordeon -
They were Paris somehow.
But listen to the shit
France tends us now!

A melody
That's just a drum -
It makes you think
That you are stoned.
Some guy is whining
Like a goat,
There must be something
In his throat.
I don't know why
They're all like that today.
Must think it's sexier that way.
Whatever happened to the world
Of French chanson?...

He's got those words
From a writer,
Who thinks he is profound
And, maybe, deep
(But deep for who?)
He just puts you to sleep.
The older man,
The younger girl,
Or maybe it's the other way around,
I don't care.
No more boring bunch of cliches
Could be found!...

And here it comes -
The same refrain -
Yes, it's that bloody tune again!
Just like the ad
From "Ariston" -
It just goes on.. and on... and on...
Whatever happened to the world
Of French chanson?...
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